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  Poster : Young H, K…      Date : 11-07-22 06:01      Hit : 3691     
I am 34yr female, overweighted 200lb for last year. I became so lazy since I had a divorce 3years ago. Unfornately, my life pattern had changed totally opposite ever... There was no way to bring my life back besides losing my weight. I went a gym to work out, got a treatment from several western doctor, yoga.. and so on.. Nothing really work for me. I was struggling so long time.. However, I met Acupuncturist Hong in Holistic Acupuncture. She gave a great motivation and hope that I could lose my weight. Dr.Hong was very friendly and reliable as well as all the staff in that clinic was so helpful. That environment made very comfortable. Now, I'm getting treatment for losing weight and tonifying my energy level. I'm sure that treatment really works for me. It controls my appetite and raising my energy so far...