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   I was refered to them after a car accident I had on 9/16/08
  Poster : Nick A.      Date : 09-05-19 04:54      Hit : 5961     
I was refered to them after a car accident I had on 9/16/08. I had tremoundous pain in my neck, back, shoulders. I also had difficulty sleeping, eating well, and increased anxiety. In fact for a long time when I would get in a car I was re-living the accident over and over. This caused me great pain in my life and had begun to impact my relationship with my wife.
As I began treatments I noticed a change in my anxiety levels and sleep. I also began to have less pain in my neck, back and shoulders. My treatments were very gentle and safe. Both Alex and Dr. Hong treated me as if I was a member of thier family. I must say that at first I was concerned about the "needles",etc.. After the first session I did not worry as Alex and Dr.. Hong explained to me EACH step that they were taking and why they were doing each treatment.
I have been in treatment for the last 6 months, my sleep is improved, my anxiety is lowered and I am now starting to feel great improvements in the pain levels in my neck, back and shoulders.
I would highly reccomend thier office and services to anyone. They are safe, clean and most of all treat you like family!